Automatic Single Roll Toilet Paper Packing Machine ZB530



As a professional roll tissue machine supplier, Soontrue can provide various toilet roll packaging machine and bandsaw machines with different specification choices, which can greatly meet the needs of different customers.

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Film size






Packaging film

Maximum diaphragm diameter

φ400 mm

Maximum volume width


Film thickness


Film material

SPP Double-sided hot sealing film

Design speed

200 Grains/min

(Color mark distance≤270mm)


Motor power

1.5 Kw(Pull film motor power)

1Kw(End-sealed motor power)

0.75Kw(Reverse motor power )

0.75 Kw +0.75 Kw (Tidy and push material motor power)

Host heating power


Side heating power

7.2 Kw

Total power

15 Kw

Pass rate


Pattern deviation


Machine operation efficiency


Machine weight


Overall dimensions


Power type

3phase 4wire,380V 50HZ, control voltage DC24V.

Compressed air amount





Host color: beige white



  • This toilet paper packaging machine adopts 7-axis servo electronic CAM control mode to complete the functions of material sorting, packaging, steering, hot sealing at both ends, and so on
  • The middle seal adopts instant heating mode (patented technology), temperature control module, the middle seal temperature is automatically adjusted according to different packaging speed, stop and start will not burn the packaging film, sealing effect is firm and beautiful
  • Unique film tightening device in the industry (patented technology) makes the packaging film fit perfectly with the product, the overall packaging of the product is compact and beautiful, automatic reset function in case of cutting failure, with air defense package function (no material, no film)


Not only can this series of single roll film wrapping machines be effectively utilized to pack high-quality toilet rolls and wrap single roll toilets, but the ZB530 automatic roll packing machine series can also perform the function of packing kitchen towels and wrapping single kitchen towels roll at high speed fully automatically. Feel free to contact Soontrue, one of the professional toilet paper machine manufacturers in China, for further information.


Special film supporting structure
Quick change for packing film ; No empty bag function, can realize the feeding tail frame running without moving the film, reduce the waste of packaging film
Big touch screen
The film page position & end seal cutting position can be adjusted directly by modifying the corresponding parameters through the touch screen
Special film tension control system
The end sealing and packing film traction are driven by servo independently, with fast response speed and accurate action
Precise sensor tracking
When the toilet roll is standing in pushing conveyor ,the machine will alarm and stop automatically
Forming mechanism
Various product size with same bag forming device ,which is suitable for different size of toilet roll