Napkin Packing Machine

Soontrue Machinery's napkin packing machine adopts crank-rocker material pushing structure, servo power for film pulling, cutter and middle feeding. Its restricted function of principal axis torsion and servo structure torsion can effectively avoid the damage of spare parts due to overload. Not only do our napkin packing machines possess the functions of folding, packing type of wrapping, and sealing, but these paper napkin packing machines are also featured with beautiful and tide package, tight structure, and good-performance sealing. Feel free to contact us at any time!

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Main Features of Napkin Packing Machine

Soontrue napkin packing machines have two kinds of control systems. Not only can you choose between pneumatic and rolling cut types for the tearing mechanism, but you can also choose whether to have stepper motors or servo motors for your paper napkin packing machines.

The napkin packing machinery photoelectric eye can autom atically detect the production material, thereby further making sure these materials will not change their place without a tissue. By doing so, it can save more packing film and more raw material in an environmental way.

The napkin packing machines and paper napkin folding machines produced by Soontrue have a tide machine surface and the machine maintenance is easy to conduct.

Conducting strict quality control over the whole production process, Soontrue Machinery offers cost-effective paper napkin packing machines with consistently high quality. 

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