Napkin Machine

With the popularity of paper napkins, more and more tissue paper manufacturers and factories are starting to invest in developing their own napkin production line and facial tissue production line. As one of the professional paper napkin machine suppliers in China, Soontrue Machinery can offer you both paper napkin packing machine and napkin making machine at reasonable prices. Aiming to provide our customers with the best napkin machines, Soontrue can help you to start your own napkin business. Feel free to contact us!

Napkin Machine For Sale

As one of the professional napkin packaging and folding machine manufacturers in China, Soontrue can provide you with high-quality napkin machines at reasonable prices.

The Advantages of Soontrue Napkin Machine


Intelligent Operation

Soontrue napkin machine is installed with automatic material managing tailstock, which is mainly used to connect the automatic production line with the controller. In this way, our paper napkin manufacturing machine will help a lot in saving the labor expense.


High Automation

Soontrue Machinery's paper napkin machine is equipped with high degree of automation and production efficiency. In the meantime, it also lead to low fault rate.


Wide Selection for Specification

Having different specifications, Soontrue's paper napkin making machine can be changed rapidly and freely.

Is Napkin Paper Business Profitable?

With the popularity of the napkin paper in places like restaurants, parties, homes and offices, napkin has gradually become an indespensable item in people's daily lives. As a result, the napkin paper business is definitelly a profitable one that you can start with. Whereas, it is of great significance for you to ensure the napkin paper business is starting in a good way. As a professional napkin machine supplier, Soontrue can provide you with various high-end paper napkin machines, including both napkin making machine and paper napkin folding machine at competitive market prices, which can greatly reduce your manufacturing costs and better meet your personal needs. Make your dream for starting a paper napkin manufacturing business come true with Soontrue Machinery!

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