Facial Tissue Packing Machine

There are different tissue paper napkin packing machines for sale at Soontrue. Different models of facial tissue packing machines are featured with different packing speeds and packing ranges. As a professional paper napkin packing machine supplier, we can help you to start your own napkin tissue production effectively. Contact us now for getting the tissue napkin machine that suits you the most!

Facial Tissue Packing Machine Video

Main Features of Facial Tissue Packing Machine

The tissue paper napkin packing machine is controlled by the integrated controller. Adopting touch screen operation interface, our facial tissue production line possesses frequency step-less speed regulation and servo system;

The tissue napkin machine adopts an auto-putting conveyor. our automatic paper napkin machine is easy to be connected with an automatic production line, thereby saving much laboring cost;

The tissue product size can be transformed conveniently and quickly by humanized parameter regulating ways.

How Many Tissues Are In A Box?

Having different facial tissue machine for sale with different specification choices, Soontrue normally suggests our customers place the different amounts of tissues in the facial tissue square box according to their own needs.

Is Facial Tissue Business Profitable?

Though the raw material cost of producing facial tissue is generally higher than that of toilet paper production, facial tissue still holds a great market share in the current household tissue industry. Thus, if you can choose the right facial tissue jumbo roll machine, the facial tissue paper business can be a profitable choice for you! Normally, you can control the cost of the machine and the raw material by calculating the purchasing price and maintenance cost of the facial tissue paper machine, the cost of the facial tissue raw materials, the cost of labor, and the cost of outer packaging material. Having a professional sales group,
Soontrue Machinery can always help you to find the facial tissue jumbo roll machine that suits you the most.

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