Cotton Tissue Packing Machine

With the 10 axis Mitisusbi J4 series servo, this cotton tissue packing machine can react fastly and conduct precise control over the production process. Similar to our pad packing machine, this series of cotton box packing machine also possess an advanced control system, which is equipped with Mitisubshi Q type PLC and motive CPU with J4 high-resolution servo for high speed and stable operation.

Cotton Packing Machine for Sale

As one of the packaging machinery manufacturers in China, Soontrue can provide you with high quality cotton roll making machines and cotton tissue packing machines at great prices.

The Advantages of Cotton Tissue Packing Machine


LED Display

Having a big HMI with LED display, as well as the film centralizing function, Soontrue's cotton packing machine can achieve easy operation and convenient parameter changes.


High-end Heating Tube System

With the Omron high-end heating tube system to eliminate the possible temperature error, this system can greatly ensure the quality of our cotton tissue packaging. The end sealing of this series is controlled by Ropex from Germany, in which the heating wires can heat and cool down immediately. There is no need to change the heating wires and heating tapes for long period.


Intelligent Inspection

Just as many of other tissue packaging machine produced by Soontrue, this series can also inspect the status of cotton tissue packaging. When there occurs situations like bag opening and no-products, Sontrue's cotton packing machine will turn off the working fan automatically.

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