Tissue Paper Exhibition | New image, New Equipment, New IoT

On May 26, the 28th Tissue Paper Technology Exhibition kicked off at Nanjing International Expo Center. Professionals from all over the world gathered together to attend this annual industry event.

Soontrue brought its smart manipulator boxing and palletizing solutions and smart IoT system to this year's household paper exhibition. The solutions and system of Soontrue meet the diversified needs of enterprises, and set sail for smart manufacturing!


New equipment New IoT

As a benchmark enterprise in the packaging industry, Soontrue continues to make efforts in smart packaging technology. The smart robot boxing and palletizing production line exhibited this time integrates the solutions of soft pumping, single-package, and mid-package robot boxing.


Intelligent manipulator packing and palletizing production line


E-commerce packaging solution for soft-pumping packaging robots

Composed of ZB300H single charter machine and ZX660E e-commerce automatic carton box filling machine, a one-step solution, from raw materials to finished products, meets the differentiated packaging needs of customers.

(Pic: ZX660E soft pumping e-commerce small palletizing manipulator auto box packing machine  box rate: 5-12 boxes/ min)


ZX660E soft pumping e-commerce small palletizing manipulator auto box packing machine


Solutions to box the medium-sized soft draw

Composed of ZB300HN single charter machine, TD300AN medium charter machine, ZX660B manipulator box packer, and palletizing robot, multiple equipments work together, flexibly and accurately to achieve high-efficiency and high-quality production.



Solutions to cotton packaging

The packaging speed of ZB800M cotton packing machine is 40~75 bags/min. Driven by a 10-axis servo system, the operation is more stable. Also, the customer can customize the packaging bag size.

TD800M cotton soft tissue pre-made bag packaging machine has a packaging speed of 45-60 bags/min, with stable performance and fast response speed.


ZH200 full servo cartoning machine has a cartoning speed of 30-90 boxes/min, suitable for large-size household paper cartoning and packaging so as to improve the production efficiency.

Soontrue smart factory data monitoring system

Soontrue never stops pursuing innovation. It has built an IoT system platform for customers in a configuration mode, which has realized three-dimensional visualization, information integration, and remote management and control, greatly improving the information and visualization level of equipment management.


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