Thanksgiving Feedback

Dear customers :


We are grateful for the trust and support for all of Soontrue loyal friends, partners, and customers, as the coming day of 30th anniversary, we would like to release a series ofbusiness promotion to feedback all of you.

Order amount

deposit payment (swift copy shown) on 28th - 30th .June

Gift feedback

35,000 USD ~ 50,000 USD

3,000 USD Value card

≥90,000 USD

6,000 USD Value card

≥120,000 USD

10,000 USD Value card

Remarks: If the order value is more than USD120,000, the card value will be increased accordingly.

For this 'Special gift' , it's valid for 5 months, you can use to deduct the cost of spare part, ocean freight, after sales service and so on.


New Customer introduction rule:

If you introduce a new customer to us during this period, you will be given a 500 USD value card, it has same function as stated above.


If the introduced customer buy from us during this promotion 3 days, the customer will get the according value card from us, meanwhilebecause of yourintroduction,you will get same value card from us again.



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