After-sales Services

For Soontrue enterprise, over ten years of service has accumulated rich experience for our timely, rapid and accurate service; 

We know deeply that only good after-sales service can protect the interests of customers effectively, then the company can develop better.

'self-value' and the service promise 'classless for customers, 100 percent satisfaction';
ISO9000 quality management service process is rigorous, scientific and fast, to build 'Soontrue service brand'. 
Quality assurance and service commitment

Soontrue enterprise in line with the service philosophy 'customer + I=we',;

The service promise 'classless for customers, 100 percent satisfaction', to become a customer value partners sincerely.

Here, our company makes a solemn commitment


The product provides 12 months warranty service and lifetime maintenance service;


Any quality problem occurs within the warranty period, we will supply free maintenance and replacement;


We will supply the service for installation, debugging, and training;


Timely response within 24 hours;


After the free warranty period, we continue to provide long-term preferential technical services for the product we sell, includes technical support, product upgrade, quick response to failure, and technical consultation for related personnel.

Service assurance measures

  • 12 months free warranty service and Lifetime maintenance service

    • Our company provides 12 months free warranty service and Lifetime maintenance service, and solve the related problems of usage and technical issues.

  • Providing product installation, debugging and training services

    • Our company provides installation, debugging services for the new machines, at the same time provides training work for machine operation, maintenance, and other related product knowledge.

  • Provide 7x24 hour service

    • We ensure that users' questions are answered at all times.

  • Quick telephone response

    • Any questions or needs will be responded quickly.

  • Service on site

    • Our engineer is available for oversea service.

  • Client consultation

    • If the user encounters relevant problems in the process of use and needs to consult, we will supply the professional solutions.

  • Provide long-term technical consulting services

    • Customers can ask for technical consulting services by Calling, Fax, email at any time, we will response accordingly and solve users' problems satisfactorily.

  • Telephone follow-up & customer care services

    • For each repair request, we have telephone follow-up by specialists, to ask users for solutions to their needs and satisfaction with the service; At the same time to supervise the service quality of after-sales service personnel, and as an important evaluation index of after-sales service personnel.

  • Services after the warranty period

    • For the products out of the warranty period, our company will respect the interests of users to the greatest extent to provide lifelong maintenance service for the sold equipment; That includes to supply customers: technical upgrade service, importance repair: after several years of use and evaluate and decide whether the importance repair is required depending on the equipment condition, Soontrue supply the paid service for the importance repair of complete equipment, also the customers can ask for personalized service and the service policy after the expiration of the warranty .

  • User profiles management

    • The full-time staff of Soontrue enterprise will track and record the model, quantity operation and maintenance of the equipment and store them in the computer as user files, in order to provide accurate information for future services.

  • supervision service

    • To ensure the smooth operation of the equipment and provide quality after-sales service, our company provides telephone numbers for supervision and complaints, and guarantee to reply within 1 hour after receiving the user's complaints.